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Brother Group

If you love boobies, visit and join our brother group!



For the butt-loving furverts who are all about round furry rumps! Or feathery or scaly ass, if that's what ya like~
Ferals, Pokemon, Digimon, Yoshis, MLP, etc. are all accepted. :3
Safe- and mature-rated arts are welcome! ^w^

- First off, have fun! This is a group for all who loves their tushy cute, sexy, and fluffy.
- Be respectful of others. No harrassing or downing others' work if you don't think it's very good. This is a group for everyone to express their love of the same thing, yes?
- Don't be afraid to suggest something. Everyone's opinion matters, especially to this guy!
- Daily Submittion Count: 5 Pictures a day to prevent flooding and gives everyone's drawings a chance to be seen.
- Quality Control: Due to the milestone reached and a lot of submissions coming in, the standards are now increased.

- Anything you post must be related to showing off the rump. Make it as cute and as sexy as you want.
- All posts must be of Anthro-Fur or Feral appeal. This includes Pokemon (Including Pokemorphs) , Digimon, Yoshi, Birdo, Transformice, and all related.
- Pics, and animations are all accepted.
- They can be as safe or as mature as you'd like it to be.
- All genders are welcome, from the standard males and females, to the interesting toms and femboys, to the exotic cuntboys and dickgirls.
- Clothed, undies, panties, nude, small and flat, big and plump, chubby and jiggly, all booty will be accepted!

NOT Accepted:
- No death, diapers, vore, blood, gore, watersports, scat, vomit, or anything extremely violent. It's okay to be dirty, but let's not go there in this group, m'kay?
- No stealing of art.
- No fully human characters.
- No underaged stuff (lolicon, shotacon, etc)
- Nothing DeviantArt would deem inappropriate
- Nekos or humans with animal ears/tails are no longer accepted here.
- Drawings that do not have a rear view of the character
- Skirts, costumes, or dresses that blocks the shape of the ass

Folders: (Will be established when I upgrade the group)
- Males
- Females
- Multiple Genders
- Shemales/Herms/Cuntboys
-Males (nonmature)
- Females (nonmature)
- Multiple Genders (nonmature)
- Shemales/Herms/Cuntboys (nonmature)
- Literatures

Gallery Folders

Dressed for Nightmares by M-B-P
Sophie Buns by PastellettaArt
Woof butt by PastellettaArt

Mature Content

Cute butt  Judy by RamonCrimson935
Post here -- Read Journal before posting

Mature Content

flutter shys daddy (KZ style) by karmazoid
Mai and her big booty - RiggL3 by RIGGL3

Mature Content

Let me be yours. (NSFW) by Sur-realatorium

Mature Content

Accidental Sitting... (2018 Remaster) by AfroKid720

Mature Content

[YCH] Polaroid - Mochi by gloogloogloo

Mature Content

sexy 18 yearold kitsune 2006 by bassxx

Mature Content

Peach's Tiny Misadventures (clean) by GrayBlueStudios

Mature Content

Steaming hot shower time - ArlenTawny by GamepadArt
Male Non-Mature
Kitty Vines by JAVA-MOCHA
Call For Medic by NoahTehFox
No Sharing by NoahTehFox
Sylveon (Commission) by ArtOfTheDiscipline
Females MATURE

Mature Content

Lopunny by tawni-tailwind

Mature Content

Fluttershy Butt by TwistedScarlett60

Mature Content

:Commission: Azure on all fours by NekoCrispy

Mature Content

Dropped something by Rogenshi
Females Non-Mature
Danielle by zydrationx
Indy and Kamea by PastellettaArt
Coco Bandicoot by Iggy-Bomb
Judy Hopps by Iggy-Bomb
Transgenders, Herm Non-Mature
Fat - Moth Butt by TrappedWithinAmber

Mature Content

Jango's got a big booty (nude) by jangofett777

Mature Content

Jango's phat ass (colored) by jangofett777

Mature Content

Jango's got a big booty Wallpaper (nude) by jangofett777
Transgenders, Herm MATURE

Mature Content

Fat - Cushion by TrappedWithinAmber

Mature Content

Demon Goat Futanari by Naughty-Pixels

Mature Content

Target Acquired! by jangofett777

Mature Content

Jango's got a big booty (thong) by jangofett777
Multiple Genders MATURE

Mature Content

Kady the Rodent by I-am-BoxHead

Mature Content

Dagnutos - backside ref by DestinySpider
WizardCat N jerry by MalortComics785
WizardCat-LifeSaver5 by MalortComics785
Multiple Genders Non-Mature

Mature Content

Whoops by Cj-The-Otter
Two butts by IceCream-Yo
Quick You Little Rascal! by thestooge2222
Luray Big Butt Inflation Seat. by Virus-20

Mature Content

Bouncing on Bubbles WIP CROPPED by Flakyrapesfaceplz
Be Good for Toriel by OptixPanda

Mature Content

Merry Christmas from Des by XxWolfieDesixX
Feline of Thee Night by StalkerKittyCecy
I've been busy with life as of late, as well as drawing pics that aren't allowed to be posted here (For FurAffinity and Inkbunny). As a result, some of your submissions has slipped through me as of late and end up being expired because of it.

To remedy this, the submission will be automatically approved. 3 pics a day.

I think this will make it much easier on both of us. Just to be sure that you know, the standards of the group still stands. Any pics that doesn't meet follow the rules of the group will be removed without notification (for obvious reasons. I'll explain if a reason is needed).


Strike System

There are times when you submit a pic that doesn't belong, and I mentioned a strike system.

Now to be completely fair on this, there's a one-time forgiveness for each different pic you submit. If I remove and pic and see the same pic get reuploaded, you will have a strike on you. 5 strikes and you're out. Once you get a strike, it stays there, so I would think twice before abusing the auto-approve system if I were you.

If I notice that you're trying to take advantage and abuse the one-time forgiveness rule by consistently uploading different unrelated art here, that will result in an auto ban.

If i notice that you're removed a pic from the gallery, then reuploading later, unless you accidentally posted to the wrong folder (Which is impossible) That'll be abusing the Auto-Approve and you'll be getting a strike for it.  

I got ways of knowing what's going on, and I got ways of getting evicence. So I wouldn't try to be sneaky if I were you.

Stolen art will result in an Auto Ban


Rule Reminder

No stolen art nor screencaps
Can be anthro or feral
Must be focused on the ass
Ass must be showing. (slightly showing doesn't count)
No humans, nor half humans (nekos, etc.) Must be 100% nonhuman
Rear view only, both ass cheeks must be showing (the ass must be on the forefront. No side nor frontal views)
No underaged characters
No rules violating the imagery rules (click here for more )
Blood/death is not accepted
Skirts, costumes, or dresses that blocks the shape of the ass
No death, diapers, vore, blood, gore, watersports, scat, vomit, farting, or anything extremely violent

Have a nice and bootylicious day!
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Hmm ....wouldn't mind if i could join the club at a member? As , i'm sure this club could corespond exactly at the type of "things" i draw , so then ....i could maybe .... contribute the galery of the club with some pic of mine maybe >v>
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cant help ya.
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Thanks anyway then.
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thanks for requesting my art!  :)
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Big booty lover!
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I was requested by the group/someone from the group(?) for a thing or two from my gallery to be shared here, but I had no computer access for 3 months, so the request thing expired.

Should I just upload the pictures in question myself?
I've read over the rules and the images themselves line up with them; I'm pretty sure anyway.
Flakyrapesfaceplz Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017
yea. upload them
VorstVolxen Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright, just let me know if I did something wrong or w/e because I'm honestly as dense as a brick.
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